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Free.00 per pr distribution


  • Guranteed Inclusion on 5 News Sites
  • No Google News Inclusion
  • No Social Media Promotion
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4.99 per pr distribution


  • Guranteed Inclusion on 10+ News Sites
  • No Google News Inclusion
  • No Social Media Promotion
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19.99 per pr distribution


  • Guranteed Inclusion on 350+ News Sites
  • May Appear in Google News
  • Guranteed Inclusion on 50+ Social Media Groups
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39.99 per pr distribution


  • Guranteed Inclusion on 500+ News Sites
  • Guranteed Inclusion on Google News
  • Guranteed Inclusion on 75+ Social Media Groups
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Waleed Raza Offering Cheap Press Release Distribution in 500 Sites Guaranteed on Fiverr

A Pakistan-based news syndication services has launched the cheapest press release distribution to date – starting at $5 – guaranteed in 500 or more sites.
An even better offer, however, is the free press release distribution, for any company or individual who shares the gig through social media sites Facebook and Twitter. The gig has been posted on Fiverr, one of the leading online advertising platforms.

Cheap Press Release Distribution

Waleed Raza, who has more than five years of experience and expertise in media publications and press release distribution, offers the free gig distribution worth $5. Included in this basic package are distribution of the press release to more than 10 news sites and a full Excel report of the distribution. Within two days, expect the press releases to go online. This basic press release distribution, however, does not include Google News.

On the other hand, if the client wishes to avail of the standard press release distribution at $20, on the other hand, reaches 350 news sites, possibly Google News, plus a full PDF report – all in five days. To maximize the service, clients are encouraged to try Waleed’s premium, yet still affordable, press release distribution. For $40, the press release is distributed to 500 news sites, Google News included, with a full report in PDF format, in as short as five days.

Furthermore, Waleed will syndicate and distribute the press release in various websites, including television and radio websites, local, national, and regional sites, as well as international and trade and industry information sites.

Waleed’s fast distribution of press releases made him a household name in Fiverr community and in the professional services and media publishing industry. Some of the companies he regularly works with are Digital Journal, CRN, Daily Herald,, The Times, Lutherans Online, Travel Weekly, Silicon Investor, Blouin News, Ark Latex Homepage, Business Press, Morning News, and Mammoth Times.

Waleed’s press release report contains the publishing site, the press release syndicated, and the search engine and indexed pages. Most press release distribution services do not come cheap, and most of them do not include the features offered by Waleed. Signing up for his services guarantees the press releases reach about 500 news sites without burning a hole in one’s pocket.

Unfortunately, the cheap press release distribution and free offer do not cover press releases containing the words hack, free, and cheats. Even with such a basic and cheap service, Waleed assures that his reputation remains untarnished and his services devoid of shady deals. On Fiverr alone, Waleed has garnered 5-star ratings for his timely deliveries, his outstanding work, professionalism, and quality customer service.

Not only can Waleed create a custom order for clients, he is also well-versed in search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (Facebook), and digital marketing. He likewise promptly responds to the feedback given by his clients.

Potential clients can find Waleed’s professional services on Fiverr, along with his service packages, recent activities, linked accounts, and customer feedback. For more information, please visit or visit